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Sand Volleyball is a great part of VSC.  From open play, to summer 6 on 6 league, to the legendary 4th of July tournament, VSC Volleyball has something for everyone.


Volleyball Schedule 2023

League Director - Nik Penn              

6 on 6 Co-Ed Sand VB


Team play shall consist of two teams with no more than 6 adult players each on
the court on each side with 1/3rd of the players being of the opposite sex.


WHEN:  Competitive League Play is held at VSC on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Game Times:

  • Game 1 - 6:00-7:00 pm

  • Game 2 - 7:00-8:00 pm

  • Game 3 - 8:00-9:00 pm


WHO:  Competitive League Play is an adult league open to anyone age 13 and older.  Teams must be captained by a VSC Member (Owner or Renter).  Guests are permitted to play in VSC leagues but must follow the standing guest rules and pay any/all associated fees established in the VSC bylaws.


How:  Registration will be posted on the VSC events calendar for each season, and registration email reminders will be issued to all members.  Teams must register via the event registration link.



Team Captain Responsibilities:   Each team will be responsible for registering the team and will be the Point Of Contact (POC) for the team.  Team captain will also be responsible for communicating 24 hrs. in advance with the other teams if they are unable to play on their scheduled game night.  Teams that fail to communicate ‘no show’ status more than 2X per session will be removed from the schedule. Their time slot will be used for open play (Guards excluded if duty calls).  Teams removed from the current volleyball schedule will be allowed to rejoin during the next session.  Team captains must be member/renter at VSC.

General Rules and Guidelines for the VSC Volleyball Area
- The volleyball area is designated for volleyball play; both league and open play.
- League play has exclusive use of the volleyball area during designated times.
- League time is presently defined as Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to close.
- Although no games are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, court time is
available for league member play, including “pick-up” games with the idea of
encouraging new player participation and interest in league play.

- Open play is all other times. Organized volleyball play has priority during
weekends and holidays. Members/renters can request court use at any time.
- Non-volleyball activities are allowed Monday through Friday from open until 5 p.m., subject to the general rules stated below. However, If non-volleyball
activities are in play, members who wish to play volleyball can request use of the court but must offer the courtesy of allowing 15 minutes for those non-volleyball activities to be concluded.

Volleyball Area General Rules
 No hanging on the net or pulling on the perimeter tape
 No toys, rocks or digging holes in the court area
 Water hose is to be used by adults only
 Parents are responsible for kids and guests

Thank You

- These are the simple/basic rules we use at VSC. When in doubt - 'replay'

Swim Team

Valley Dolphins Swim Team

One of VSC's great traditions is the Swim Team, come be part of a great program and a great team.


Registration is currently open for the 2022 summer team. Practices will begin Tuesday, June 1st.


Details on the team, registration, practices and events can be found on the Swim Team's Web Site: View Site.

Questions? Please click here:

Swim Lessons

Valley Swim Club
Swim Lessons - Summer 2022

Session Details (subject to change based on pool opening)

  • Session Length:  Two-weeks

    • Session 1: June 6 - 17

    • Session 2: June 20 - July 1

    • Session 3: July 5 - 15

    • Session 4: July 18 - 29

  • Days of Week:     Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 

  • Lessons Length: 30 minutes

  • Levels:  Children are placed in their age and skill appropriate level. Levels range from ​​Beginner Level 1 to Level 3. 

Swim Lesson Pricing Details

Each session (8 classes) will be offered to members at a discounted rate of $144 (regular PPA rate is $176).

All details and 2022 Registration can be found via the following link:


During the registration process, a credit card will be required and subsequently charged for each lesson (even the free one).  The card on file will NOT be charged until the session begins and this includes the free lesson as well which will then be credited. Sessions are not prorated for missed classes nor are make-ups offered.

Please call 719.400.7450 or email for questions.


4th of July

4th of July

Every year Valley Swim Club hosts an outstanding 4th of July celebration. While the schedule varies slightly from year to year, this is what you can expect on the 4th:

- Soda/beer relay

- Boat race

- Volleyball tournament

- Greasy watermelon

- Guard Skit

- Pie the guards

Pool Party

Pool Party

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